Michael kors belt!

A few weeks back, I purchased a dress shirt from H&M . After I bought it I realized it was kind if long and not really my style. I tried to wear it with tights and boots, but it just did not feel like my style as it had more of a hippy look to me. Then my sister gave me a Michael Kors belt for Christmas and I thought it would make the dress look a little shorter, almost more like a long shirt and it worked! I pared it with my zara liquid leggings and I felt it was more my style! I also found a super cute Steve Madden purse that looks way more expensive then the 19 dollars at marshals I found it for!! ūüėā My sunglasses are also steve madden. I love Zara leggings, but I find I have to buy then one size smaller than I usually wear or they bunch up kind of oddly! They are great quality though and I feel like even though the they were 50 dollars they are as good quality as some of the 100 dollar ones I have seen! So. My recommendation is if you don’t like something you bought try adding a belt, a jacket, or some accessory to see if you like the look better before giving it away to a friend or to a thrift store! Have a great Thursday!!!

Happy new years!

20181231_13454920181231_134500Today on New Years Eve my husband and I decided since we are both not feeling to well that we would relax and take it easy..for lunch we had bread bowls at Panera bread and cheese danishes. ūüėä I decided to wear a simple yet stylish outfit. I’m wearing my snake shirt I found at H&M for only 20 dollars, a pair of black Jean’s from old navy, my jacket is a beige peacoat (karl Lagerfeld), my sunglasses, braclet, and purse are all from Guess. My scarf is very cozy and soft from Aldo….and my ankle boots are from Ardenes.(canadian store)…I have had 6 people ask where I got my shoes and all 6 people were shocked when I told them. Normally I like to buy better quality shoes but might I say they are super cute and surprisingly comfortable…I hope everyone has a safe and awesome 2019! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


My current obsession: Uniglo





My friend and I took a trip to New York City a few years back when I first introduced to Uniglo. The driver on our hop-on-hop-off tour bus described it as a “Japanese H&M” and so I was super excited to get off and do some serious shopping! (Let me add right here I have been obsessed with Japanese fashion and culture for as long as I can remember). However, when I entered the store I realized that Uniglo was not that similar to H&M. Unlike H&M which, (although I do like the store)¬†in my opinion can sometimes feel like you are walking into the Ikea of fashion with crazy patterns and wild colors, Uniglo was more what every women and man want- staples pieces that go with every outfit. There I found a pencil skirt, a black blazer, and a really cool fun skirt!

Just recently I was told that they were building a Uniglo right downtown at the Eaton Center in Toronto where I live. I knew I had to go and check it out. What I was most impressed with was when I walked in was there were hundreds of different types of winter coats and spring jackets. “HEATTECH¬†” and “Japanese technology” were written on a lot of the clothes and I realized that it was lightweight clothing made to keep you warm in cold weather, but nothing felt heavy or uncomfortable.

I ended up buying a cool jacket. I did find the sizes to run a little bit smaller then what I’m used to with the coats and pants, but the sweaters and everything else is true to size. I have talked with friends and family who swear that the underwear, bras, and socks there last forever! Here are my Uniglo tights as well as my new blond highlights, I had to show them off!¬† My featured image is the Uniglo puffy coat. You can also check out my Uniglo youtube video where I am wearing my fun skirt I mentioned at the beginning of this page! Thanks for reading¬† and sorry¬†if I butchered my pronunciation of uniglo in my video, it was an old one. LOL. ¬†ūüôā ¬†16427472_717135191779736_7963306340426136651_n

Coach purse plus great finds at Marshals

For Christmas my husband’s best friends and wife bought me this gorgeous coach purse. I was so grateful for it! I knew that I wanted to get a pom pom tassel for it as I have a black one for my other coach purse. I also received a gift card from the in laws for my favorite store, Guess. I was shopping downtown a week ago and came across these three pomp pom’s from the guess accessories store and I fell in love. I just love the light colors and the way it looks with this lighter colored purse!

My 2017 resolution is to look nice, even if I’m just running errands and that is just what I did yesterday! I am wearing my Steve Madden scarf which is from Marshals. I love that you can find great deals at Marshals for half the price of what you would normally pay! I am wearing gray jeans and boots from Target. My long sweater is from Marshals as well. ¬†I am also wearing my new Guess shirt in light mint green. I will link my youtube video for you so you can see the whole outfit! Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day, everyone! ‚̧ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZftPmSrSts16118442_708366732656582_819646073_n16176995_708366679323254_1975387549_n

A Day at the zoo

Since I moved¬†close to ¬†Toronto two years ago, my husband and I have had seasons passes to the zoo. We are only fifteen minutes away and it’s a lot of fun since we both love animals so much! Today we decided to not only brave the Canadian cold, but hike the grizzly bear trail as well. It is an extremely steep hill and quite the work out to get up. One¬†thing I love about the Toronto zoo is the animals have so much room to run, not like the Chicago zoo’s I grew up with. I knew that¬†I wanted to dress comfortable, but I wanted to look stylish as well. Since we knew we would be getting a work-out in the winter we both opted to wear vests rather then wearing our winter coats and sweating our butts off! The sun ended up coming out most of the day and we had so much fun! Here are a few pictures that captured our day. Hope you enjoy ūüôā

Me: shirt, vest and sunglasses all guess, yoga pants and fanny pack¬†Victoria secret- (I’ve included an extra pic of fanny pack to make sure you wear it to the side for that extra cool look instead of looking like a nerd LOL) socks uniglo, shoes Target. My husband vest/shirt Banana Republic 15977815_707505339409388_8507698221292259163_n15977604_707441316082457_6927711219640619907_n




Michael kor’s boots!

HI, guys. I decided to start 2017 off right. ¬†I am going back to blogging as I realized I have missed it a lot! I also am continuing to make my YouTube videos as well. It gets cold in Canada, but I purchased these Michael kors shoes. They were on sale at the Canadian store Holt ¬†renfrew. If you guys have not been there it is an incredible store with name brand clothing. Everytime I go in i’m like a kid in a candy store. I hope that you guys are staying warm and I promise in the new year to keep up on all my followers blogs as well. Happy 2017 everyone! ¬†Here is the link to my youtube video showing the boots. Hope you guys can watch!¬†https://youtu.be/dW5cWJZW-w0

Ringing in October with new gold shoes!


Hello everyone! I just wanted to put up a quick picture of the shoes I found at Old Navy! Normally, I am not the biggest fan of the store, but every now and then I find something I love there (usually their shoes). They have a few other pairs of cute flats with different designs. I dressed my outfit up with my new necklace from Banana Republic! Hope everyone is having an awesome day! Next Monday my mom is coming up to visit for three weeks! We will be headed to Toronto to hang out, I’ll post some new fashion pics! ūüôā

Forever 21?!…..

10577098_334456700047589_1060216595759387114_n10552519_334460023380590_1451765851630487586_n9297_334460040047255_4872128660207652671_nA while back, when Forever 21 first opened I found a sweater there that I absolutely fell in love with. The quality was great and it was a whopping 50 dollars which was a lot to spend on something in that store. In fact, I still have that sweater to this day and it has stood up as good as any other¬†well made sweater I own. Since¬†buying that sweater¬†though I¬†have found that anytime I go into a Forever 21, I cannot find clothes like they used to sell when they first opened. When I walk in the store, I find the clothes to be scattered everywhere, lots of youngsters (for a 34 year old), and a whole of neon going on. I decided to stop in there, however, the other day and was actually pretty excited to say that they have a section that is “contemporary” (it will say it on the tags) and although not made as good quality as my sweater from back in the day, the clothes were really adorable and totally my style. I paired this long¬†red shirt with a pair of jeans from Old Navy and shoes from Marshals, sunglasses Michael Kors. I am also wearing my Jcrew pearls (again). I found this pink sweater as well from the contemporary¬†section, (earrings from Aldo)¬†as well as this white shirt….and I have to¬†make sure there¬†is¬†a picture of my favorite 50 dollar blue sweater from Forever 21 that I have since I think I was 21 haha or close to it! . As I have evolved my fashion and now choose quality over quantity,¬†it doesn’t mean¬†that one¬†cannot sometimes find some good deals at some cheaper priced stores every now and then! ūüôā Happy Monday :)! 10622814_334456736714252_2341293343331413346_n10626673_334292993397293_8343224986418212092_n417622_10151378779160514_314153553_n

Wedding! White house/black market!

1468632_321085301384729_6508706917131269500_n 10547676_325541340939125_3027305307646130165_n 10532758_321118254714767_865728260426403654_nI recently went¬† to my husband’s best friend’s wedding. My husband was the best man so I knew a lot of eyes would be on me that night as well. I wanted to find a dress that was comfortable and that was stylish at the same time. Its funny, it always seems that the first dress we try on is the one we like the best. I should have trusted my gut instinct, but after shopping all day long I finally settled on a comfortable black number from White House/black market that I had tried on first! I was in love with the shoes I found from a Canadian store called¬†Le Chateau. I know I am¬†a little obsessed with comfort, but I have to say that from the second I put the dress on, it was the most comfortable dress I have ever tried on as well as the material was very good quality. I was super excited since this was my first time shopping at this store and I am literally dreaming of trying on more clothes from here! I decided to throw in some pearls from JCrew. Have a wonderful day everyone and if you have a wedding to go to this summer, good luck finding a great dress and its ok to wear black to a wedding! ūüėČ